Second hand clothing pool

Opens every Tuesday 9am to 10am.

Busways revised timetable

Here is the link to the new timetable:  https://www.busways.com.au/sites/default/files/school_timetables/St_John_The_Baptist_Primary_School_20150325_1446.pdf


Parents, can you please be vigilant about walking safely to and from our school grounds. We need to use the crossings and paths for safe movement to and from school. We have many children at our school and we are about to start the building process and we really need to be SAFE at all times. Please model the correct behaviour for our children.

NEW: SCOOTERS AND SKATEBOARDS- are not allowed to be used to and from school. It is a new directive in our Diocese. If your child is riding to school they will also need a permission note and the bike needs to be road worthy as well. I will be giving out more information about this issue over the coming week.

Disable Parking

Please DO NOT park in our designated “Disable Parking Spaces” if you do not have a RTA sticker.


Kinder, Years 1 and 2 is Wednesday

Years 3 and 4 is Thursday

Years 5 and 6 is Friday

Mini Miracles Vacation Care

Contact Lisa at lisa@minimiracles.net.au      Vacation care commences from Monday 12th January.   The phone number is 0422 455 261

Facebook and Photographing Children

St John the Baptist Primary School aims to protect the children who attend our school.  Therefore we reminder everyone that taking a photograph of a child, other than your own, at this school and placing it on Facebook is discouraged. In order to do this you must obtain the permission from the child’s parent or guardian in the first instance.

Cowan & Lewis Opening Times

The Uniform Shop will be open on WEDNESDAY MORNINGS 8.30am to 9.30am

If you are unable to visit the Shop on this morning, complete an order form (below) and return to the Office for processing.    Orders will come home with your child so please remember to clearly mark your child’s class on the form.

Click here for the order form.   Enquiries direct to Cowan & Lewis on 9449 9777

Enrolment at Aspect Central Coast School

If you would like to know more about enrolling at Aspect CC School please call Aspect School @ Terrigal on 4382 8800