Uniform Shop Holiday Opening Times

The uniform shop will be open on Wednesday 1st October from 9am to 10am

Parking outside school grounds

Parents we have had a call from a neighbour complaining that people are constantly parking across their driveway.  We ask that you respect our neighbours at all times.   In the morning, please be respectful and allow our neighbours cars to reverse out, particularly if you are in the line to enter the school.   A reminder that drive thru does not operate before 3.20pm of an afternoon.

Masquerade, The Musical Show Tickets

A commedia dell arte musical by Bartlett-Billings-Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara

Tickets are now available to order. Sorry no over the counter sales.  Please complete the form below and send to the office in an envelope marked MASQUERADE TICKETS. Tickets will be sent home via your child’s class. Tickets are $8 each.

Please note there is no specific seating allocation.

Name: _____________________Student’s name: _______________class: ______

Performance dates:

* Wednesday, 17 September  –      12 noon   ____ tickets       7pm   ____ tickets

* Thursday,   18 September –         12 noon   ____ tickets       7pm   ____ tickets

$_______   cash enclosed   or      Credit card: Name _____________________________________

Mastercard / Visa   Number________/________/________/________  Expiry date _____________

Clothing Pool Opening Day

Clothing Pool open every Wednesday  8.30am to 9.30am  Click here for the order form.   Enquiries direct to Cowan & Lewis on 9449 9777

Enrolment at Aspect Central Coast School

If you would like to know more about enrolling at Aspect CC School please call Aspect School @ Terrigal on 4382 8800

Changed your home or mobile phone number?

Often when children are sick we try contacting parents only to find that their contact numbers have changed.    As a matter of urgency could you please advise the office either by email or phone of changes.   Many thanks